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eSeller Cloud features

Coupon feature

Coupons allow you to increase customer loyalty and to attract new business by creating targeted campaigns for specific users.

How to set up product sorting

Product sorting enables your customers to influence the order in which products appear in a product list according to different parameters such as product price, name and product number.

How to set up product filtering

Product filtering enables your customers to quickly find what they are seeking by letting them refine their product search according to different filters such as for instance price, size or color.

eSeller Cloud B2B agent portal

The versatility of eSeller cloud allows the system to be used for many other purposes than B2C commerce; One of these are B2B portals and Agent portals for Salesmen. This overview takes you through the functionality of the Agent portal.

Creating Product Feeds

A product feed is an array of products from your webshop, formatted in a way so that affiliate prorgrams such as Kelkoo and PriceRunner are able to display the products as part of their services.

SMART Search

The new and enhanced search functionality for eSeller Cloud enables your customers to quickly find what they are seeking, increasing the possibility of search results even on search queries containing typing errors and/or misspellings.

Creating Offers

The offers functionality enables you to create tailored offers for your webshop customers. By creating an offer you are able to specify special prices on one or more products and send the offer directly to your customer in an e-mail - complete with offer details and a link to the webshop basket which is already filled with the products in the offer - ready to purchase.

Open Graph Support in eSeller Cloud

Adding OG support to your shop makes it easier for your customers to share the contents and allows Facebook to understand what type of content is being shared. This in turn results in more shares and more social interaction with your shop.

Opening Hours

The Opening Hours feature allows you to specify when one or more physical locations (e.g. physical stores or warehouses) are open for shopping or order collection. It enables you to display opening hours marked up with rich snippets as well as offering your customers a way of selecting an alternative to having their orders delivered.

eSeller Cloud Content Delivery Network

eSeller Cloud employs a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure that shops respond fast even in remote geographic locations and that eSeller Cloud is able to scale to many concurrent visitors. CDN makes your shop up to 10x faster compared to the same shop without CDN.

Order Confirmation E-mail Attachments

eSeller Cloud supports attaching documents to the order confirmation e-mails sent to customers when they complete an order in the webshop – these documents could be Terms and Conditions, Delivery Policy or other information that you see relevant to your customers.


The Locations feature makes it possible to differentiate stock level, availability and visibility of products across different “locations”.When using locations, customers can select a physical location in which to collect the order.

PDF Generator

With the eSeller Cloud PDF Generator, it is possible to create forms that combines information from eSeller Cloud such as order or customer numbers with information entered by the customer into PDF Documents that can be downloaded and printed by the customer.

Barcode Generator

The eSeller Cloud Bar Code Generator allows you include standards compliant bar codes directly in your website or your order confirmation emails. Bar codes in order confirmation emails can save hours of work in fulfillment and delivery centers and allow for easy and professional packaging of orders.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

eSeller Cloud supports Google Adwords conversion tracking, which enables you to analyze the conversion rate in the webshop and thereby gain knowledge about which ads, keywords or campaigns are bringing value to your business.

Google Analytics eCommerce tracking

eSeller Cloud supports Google Analytics eCommerce tracking, which enables you to collect transaction data such as product sales, revenue and transaction length and associating these with your Google Analytics account.

Gift Cards

The Gift Cards feature enables your customers to purchase gift cards in your webshop, which can be redeemed either in the webshop or in a physical store.

301 Redirects manager

The 301 redirects manager in eSeller Cloud enables you to easily create and maintain 301 redirects for you webshop – even if your webshop has several thousands of 301 redirect. By using regular expressions to define 301 redirects, you are able to save time and preserve overview by making rules which will apply for variants of the same URL.

Setting up a design

A tutorial describing the steps of setting up a webshop design in eSeller Cloud.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization are the processes and actions taken to affect a websites appearance and ranking in a search engine. SEO is important because traffic from (organic) searches are free as opposed to the paid traffic from adwords or similar programs.

Product Collections

A product collection is a defined list of products that can be used for different purposes in the shop. A product collection may be used directly as product lists in a shop, or it can be used to restrict what products a logged-in customer or salesperson can see.


eSeller Cloud supports JSON-P, enabling cross-domain requests, e.g. displaying products from the JSON service on a blog at a different domain than the webshop.

Data space

The Data space feature makes it possible to import any kind of data to an account, that can be used in the shop front-end using script. Data space is an account-specific no-SQL elasticsearch database, that can hold a huge amount of data and offers amazing performance for retrieving data using the Data space API or runtime values.

URL Encoding

This article describes URL encoding in eSeller Cloud

Google XML sitemap

An XML sitemap is a machine-readable representation of a website, which web crawlers (such as Googlebot) can access and index.