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How to set up a configured product

Configured products enable you to create products that the customer can configure in respect to configuration groups created for the product.

Bulk uploading product images

eSeller Cloud comes equipped with an easy way to bulk add product images and product documents. This feature allows you to simultaneously upload many images and files and have them automatically attached to their respective products.

How to import product variants

eSeller Cloud is equipped with a powerful import wizard that allows you to import data from a variety of sources.

How to create a new vendor

In this tutorial we take a quick look at how to create a new vendor. A vendor is basically the same as a supplier. A vendor is for instance a place from where you as the webshop owner can purchase the products you are selling in the webshop.

How to create a new manufacturer

By adding a manufacturer to you product, you give your customer the possibility of filtering through your products based on manufacturers. Your customers can get an overview of which manufacturers you selling in your webshop, and they can also choose to view products from a specific manufacturer. Finally this function allows you to show information on the product detail page about the manufacturer, such as logo and link to the manufacturer’s homepage.

How to create a menu relation

This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a menu relation between your product and menus, so that the product can be shown in the webshop.

How to create a new product menu

Here we will take you through step by step how you create a new product menu, when your product does not suit any of your existing product menus.

How to set up a product

In this tutorial we will rather thoroughly go through how to set up a product in your eSeller Cloud. ESeller Cloud has many functions which give you the option of supplying your products with a great amount of details.

How to set up a variant

In this tutorial we will go through how to set up variants of your products, and how to use variant groups. The main reason for setting up variant groups is that it enables your customer to search through your products in order of size or color for instance.

How to upload and use product pictures in image bank

In your webshop you have the possibility to create an image bank. Your image bank holds a collection of images you can use several places in your shop.

How to upload bargain icon new icon and low in stock icon

By adding a bargain -, new – or low in stock icon to your product, you are able to make your customers aware of your product by the use of text and bright colors.

How to upload product pictures

Pictures are essential for the webshop. The pictures are your ways of letting your customers know what you are selling. This tutorial will take you through every step of uploading product pictures and helps you to make the quality of you pictures better, if they are very pixilated. In this tutorial we only upload one picture at the time. You do also have the possibility to upload bulks of pictures.

JSON product list

The JSON product list service gives you endless possibilities of displaying your products in any way you wish – with no constraints to design or functionality. The JSON product list also enables you to create multiple product lists and place them anywhere in the shop.

Using Custom Fields

By using custom fields you are able to apply specifications to your products that are not native to the product handling in the shop administration. A few examples are Screen size, PEGI rating, length, material, country of origin, etc. – virtually any information you wish to add to your product.

Related Products

By displaying related products on product detail pages, you allow customers to discover relevant products that they might be interested in based on the product they are currently looking at. By displaying products that are relevant to what the customer is interested in, the chance of enticing the customers to purchase more than what they initially came for, is increased.

Product URL migration from one eSeller Cloud webshop to another

This article will show you how to migrate product URLs from one eSeller Cloud webshop to another. The typical use case is that an existing eSeller Cloud webshop owner gets a new eSeller Cloud webshop to replace the existing one and wishes to create 301 redirects from the old product URLs to the new product URLs.

Bill of materials products

A bill of materials product (BOM product) is a product that contain other products, thus enabling the customer to add a collection of products to the basket in one go.

Displaying menus

Product menus, info menus and top menus are displayed and styled using the ShopMenu control. Using this control, it is possible to show the entire menu tree or only a smaller segment (e.g. only top-level menus in a tree).

Bundle size handling

Bundle size handling for products and product variants