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How to integrate with your ERP system using Data Origin

Data Origins are ports for external integration and they classify and group external datasets. A data origin has a distinct FTP user account for integration. Data Origin facilitates the ability to integrate with different ERP systems whilst still keeping track of from where the data originates.

Using XSLT with integration

eSeller Cloud supports integration with virtually any ERP system that is able to provide data in XML format or in a format that can be transformed to a valid XML document. Learn how to use XSLT for seamless integration.

Monitoring ERP integration with the Integration Status Log

eSeller Cloud has a build in system for monitoring ERP Integrations. Whenever an integration is performed, eSeller carefully monitors the process and logs important data about the progress.

Integrating eSeller Cloud with your ERP system

With the Integration functionality eSeller Cloud will be able to integrate to your ERP system, enhancing your productivity and enabling you to service your customers much faster, using the same resources. This video shows the seamless integration between eSeller Cloud and an ERP system.

Criteria Files

The Criteria Files feature enables integrated shops to easily retrieve information about orders, customers and payment transactions via the FTP interface.

VIKING POS Integration

The eSeller Cloud Viking POS integration allows you to integrate eSeller Cloud to the Bording Data Viking POS.

Transforming Excel spreadsheet to XML

In this tutorial we cover the steps of how to transform an Excel spreadsheet to an XML file, ready for import to eSeller Cloud – e.g. product data, menus, SEO descriptions etc.

Importing variant products via the FTP XML import

Variant products are types of products that exist in different variants of different dimensions - for instance a product may exist in different variations of size and color. eSeller Cloud supports importing variant products via the FTP XML import. The purpose of this article is to clarity how to import variant products (and even variant product filters) using the FTP XML import.

Google Email Markup

eSeller Cloud supports marking up the order confirmation e-mail with Email Markup which enables the order confirmation e-mails to appear as Google Now cards or to be specially highlighted for customers using the Google Inbox app