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eSeller Cloud Coupon feature

  • 06/08/2013

Coupons allow you to increase customer loyalty and to attract new business by creating targeted campaigns for specific users.

The eSellerCloud coupon code feature supports the following reduction types:
  • Free freight (A price reduction corresponding to the shipment fee). Note that this coupon type applies for the entire basket, which means that it cannot be limited to specific products.
  • Percentage reductions (Reduces the price of the products in the basket by a certain percentage, e.g. 10%)
  • Fixed reduction (A price reduction set to a fixed value, e.g. 50 DKK).

Coupon codes can be limited in time, limited to one or more products or limited to log-in customers. You are able to specify, whether the coupon should be usable for all products or selected products only. Note that if you choose that the coupon is valid for selected products, you may select maximum 500 products. Coupons are not suitable for making a coupon that applies for all products except a few.

You're also able to specify a minimum amount that the basket must have in order to qualify for the coupon code. Note that this minimum amount is considered the amount of the basket only for the products in the basket qualifying for the coupon code. This means that the minimum amount may only be reached by products qualifying for the coupon - products not qualifying for the coupon will not be counted as part of the minimum amount.

You can choose whether the codes for the coupon should only be allowed once or if multiple usages should be allowed. A coupon code which is only allowed once is useful for e-mail marketing, and codes that are reusable could go on printed marketing materials or Facebook posts.

Moreover, the coupon feature allows you to generate your own coupon code such as "Christmas", but also supports auto generated coupon codes. You can choose how many coupon codes you want to be generated, or you can create them one at the time, defining your own codes.

The shop administration lets you investigate the state of the individual codes in terms of how many times it has been used, on which orders it has been applied, and what type it is. Furthermore, it is possible to export information (CSV document) about the codes that can be used to merge with an e-mail list to create unique mass-mail codes.

Your shop needs to be set up to be able to accept the generated codes. You need to implement a piece of code, which will be necessary for the coupon input field and the basket to appear. The code is accessible for download in the Resources side box to the right on this page. This code will implement the function to your shop without the need to add styling to the fields or buttons. You can place the script wherever you want it to appear in the shop.


Coupon validation

The following rules apply when validating coupon codes:

  • Only one coupon code is allowed per order.
  • The coupon code must exist.
  • The coupon code must be active.
  • The coupon code must be valid according to the validity date (e.g. not expired).
  • If a coupon code is only valid for logged-in customers, a customer must be logged in.
  • If a coupon code is not reusable, it can only be used once.
  • If a coupon code is applicable only to a limited number of products, the coupon discount should only apply for those products, even if other (non-applicable) products are in the basket.
  • If a coupon code requires a minimum amount to be valid, the amount of the basket lines must at least equal this (payment and delivery fees not included).
  • If a coupon code requires a minimum amount to be valid and is restricted to a limited number of products, the amount must only be considered for the products applicable to the coupon code.
  • The coupon code cannot be applied to gift card products, but may be combined with gift card payments.