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PDF Generator

  • 12/11/2014

With the eSeller Cloud PDF Generator, it is possible to create forms that combines information from eSeller Cloud such as order or customer numbers with information entered by the customer into PDF Documents that can be downloaded and printed by the customer.

The eSeller Cloud PDF Generator allows you to convert simple HTML pages into PDF format. It is important to bear in mind that Generator supports simple html and not the same set of advanced features that a modern browser supports.

Basic usage

The Generator is located at the following URLs: /Services/Utils.asmx/GeneratePdf and /sessionservices/Utils.asmx/GeneratePdf (is session aware and therefore suitable for use cases that involve login-customers).
The Generator takes one parameter, the escaped local path to the page to convert. E.g. /Services/Utils.asmx/GeneratePdf?url=%2Fcontact.aspx%3Fid%3D123
The above call will load the page at contact.aspx, convert it into PDF and display the resulting PDF.

Advanced usage

The PDF Generator can be used with eSeller run time variables to create advanced forms. Furthermore, it is possible to pass parameters to the URL. This allows for creating HTML forms that upon submission results in a PDF.