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Adding items to eSeller Cloud in Dynamics NAV

  • 29/07/2016

To add items in Dynamics NAV you need to click “Items” in the menu to the left.

Then select the item you want to edit from the list, and click “Edit” in the top left.

The information relevant to eSeller can be found in the top menu and in the “eSeller Item Data” tab as shown below.

Under the “eSeller Item Data” tab you will find the following columns.

From the top bar you can add translations by clicking “Translations”, which will open a new window.

Here you can add the ISO language code and the description, which will be the text displayed on the webshop.

You can also add inventory status descriptions by clicking “Inventory Status Descriptions” in the top bar. which will open a new window.

Add the ISO language code for the text, and then add the descriptions wanted. The “In Stock Description” will be the text displayed if the item is in stock, while “Out of Stock Description” is the text displayed when the item is out of stock.

Related items can be added by clicking “Related Items” in the top bar, which will open a new window.

Here you need to add the shop code and the item number you want to relate the original item to.

The final thing you can do from the top bar is adding menu levels to the item, which can be done by clicking “Item Menu Levels”. This will open a new window where you can add the “Menu Level ID” and the rest of the information should be filled automatically.

Exporting a single item

To export the selected item to your eSeller Cloud webshop, click “Export Single Item” in the top menu. This will add only the selected item to the shop.

Please note that the item has to be eSeller Enabled before it can be successfully exported.

Adding variants

To add variants to the item, click the “Navigate” tab in the top menu.

Then click the button “Item Variant Types” as shown below.

This opens a new window, where you can add the different colors or sizes to the item.