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52eSELLER App deep links

  • 2021-02-18

Allowing iOS and Android apps to open “deep links” - also known as “universal links” or “app links” - require that specific files exist, verifying the ownership and relation between your website and app. These files must be placed in a “well-known location” (RFC 5758).

52eSELLER supports uploading files to a well-known location so that 52eSELLER Apps may support such deep links. This is done by mapping a folder in the media library to the “well-known location” defined as https://{yourshopdomain}/.well-known/

How to

  • In the media library, create the folder structure you wish to map to the well-known location.
  • Upload one or more files to the folder that you created in the media library.
  • In the shop administration, go to Base Setup > Webshops > Shop > All settings > Api and locate the shop setting “Rfc5785_WellKnownPath”.
  • Enter the path of the folder that you just created in the media folder. The path you enter must be relative to the media folder location – that is, it must be relative to /media/{AccountID}/. Defining this setting means that any file located at the defined path will be accessible via https://{yourshopdomain}/.well-known/
  • Verify that the file(s) you have uploaded to the folder are served when accessing the URL https://{yourshopdomain}/.well-known/{yourfilename}


  • In the media folder, the following folder structure is created: /wellknownfolder/myshop
  • A file named “assetlinks.json” is uploaded to the folder “myshop”
  • The shop setting Rfc5785_WellKnownPath is set to “wellknownfolder/myshop”
  • Accessing the URL https://{yourshopdomain}/.well-known/assetlinks.json now returns the file.