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eSeller Cloud Webshop

  • What is my FTP password?

    Your FTP password is identical to your eSeller Cloud webshop administration password.

  • Am I able to style the checkout process?

    Yes, you are able to style the checkout process either by using the build-in functionality in ShopAdmin or by styling with CSS.

  • Does the eSeller Cloud webshop support one-page checkout?

    Yes - the eSeller Cloud webshop supports one-page checkout, which enables your customers to quickly and easily purchase items on your webshop in one single step.

  • Could you please develop a feature specifically for my account?

    No - Given that the eSeller Cloud webshop is a cloud-based service, we will not be developing features specifically for any product owners. However, because it is cloud-based, it keeps costs low on new features since the expenses are lifted by all eSeller Cloud product owners that implement the feature to their webshop.

  • I have a great idea for eSeller Cloud, what do I do?

    You are more than welcome to send us an email with your proposal using this link.

  • I have found a bug in eSeller Cloud, what do I do?

    If you wish to report a bug in eSeller Cloud, please send us an email using this link or call us at +45 70 23 89 00.

  • Where can I find information about the eSeller Cloud system status?

    You can find real-time status messages about eSeller Cloud on our Twitter account - see @eSellerCloudOps. Here we'll post tweets about issues, planned maintenance and other matters concerning eSeller Cloud operations.