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Ordering variant filter values

Carsten E. Madsen 5 Posts 11 Karma
Carsten E. Madsen posted this 07 April 2014

Currently filter values are ordered alphabetically with no easy way of changing the sort order. Obviously we want to change this so that the sort order can be easily changed in the eseller cloud administration but currently it is not a top priority.

It is however still possible to change the sort order of filter values using javascript in the design. The below snippet is meant as an educational and thus unsupported example of how this can be achieved.


$( document ).ready(function() {

                             //Order filter values

                             var elements = [];

                             elements.push($(".ec90listec90list > li > input[value='402']").parent().detach());

                             elements.push($(".ec90listec90list > li > input[value='403']").parent().detach());

                             elements.push($(".ec90listec90list > li > input[value='399']").parent().detach());

                             elements.push($(".ec90listec90list > li > input[value='400']").parent().detach());

                             elements.push($(".ec90listec90list > li > input[value='401']").parent().detach());



Nadja Kristiansen 5 Posts 5 Karma
Nadja Kristiansen posted this 11 November 2014

Filter values can now be ordered freely at

- Simply click "View details" for one of the filters, and drag the filter values to the desired order. 

Post Edited 11 November 2014