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Beta program


Admit new features in a controlled way to secure high quality releases.

Any new feature will enter the beta program before entering general availability. The beta program ensures that the eSeller Cloud team will closely follow the first implementation(s), getting first hand knowledge of users experience using the feature and of in depth knowledge of any problems that may arise - It allows for last-minute changes, that will improve the feature.

In a beta release, there may be areas, where the feature does not meet the final scope, and / or certain problems are unsolved. However, these will be highlighted as part of the beta release. This way a feature can be implemented before it is generally available, provided that the short comings are non-blocking for the shop subject to implementation.

Requirements for using beta features

Before you use a beta feature, you must be granted permission by the eSeller Cloud team. This is required in order for the Cloud team to consult and follow the implementation closely, helping out and identifying any problems at an early stage.

Please note: eSeller Cloud team does NOT accept any support tickets on features in beta. Any problems must be discussed directly with the eSeller Cloud team.

Ending beta program

The eSeller Cloud team will announce when a feature is generally available. This will most likely happen upon a successful beta implementation.